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Convective System Dynamics Viewed in 3D over the Oceans
  • Tran Vu La,
  • Christophe Messager
Tran Vu La

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Christophe Messager
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A combination of Sentinel-1 and Meteosat datasets in recent studies of the same authors exhibited a link between sea surface wind patterns and deep convective clouds aloft. This observation strengthened the assumption that Convective System (CS) vertical downdrafts produce significant horizontal surface winds when they collide the sea surface. The Aeolus new observations may bring additional credits to this assumption by the measurements of vertical wind profiles. The combination of these three satellites (Sentinel-1, Aeolus, and Meteosat) with a slight lag in observation time illustrates the significant results of a (near) three-dimensional observation of the CS over the sea. They also indicate the matching in space and time apparition of deep convective clouds viewed by Meteosat, intense downdrafts viewed by Aeolus, and high surface winds estimated by Sentinel-1.
16 Mar 2021Published in Geophysical Research Letters volume 48 issue 5. 10.1029/2021GL092397