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Principles of lithospheric plates movements and earthquakes triggering (shortened version)
  • Lubor Ostrihansky
Lubor Ostrihansky

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Paper presents reasons why sometimes Full or New Moons correlate with earthquakes and sometimes not. Solution follows from calculations of tidal torques, dependent on Moon and Sun declinations, and their subtraction or addition gives resultant torques, able or unable to trigger earthquakes. To avoid usual objection,
that if tidal torque act on the whole bulge, then we would expect periodicity in the movement of the plates related to the orbit of the Moon around the Earth and earthquakes should be happening very regularly at fixed periodicity, what is not allegedly observed. For this reason, I present consequent earthquake triggering from Mantawai Fault in Sumatra, Palu-Koro Fault in Sulawesi and San Andrea Fault in California happening shortly one after in fall and winter 2004. Position of earthquake on length of day (LOD) graph presents tool for earthquake origin.