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TENERIFE 2019 EVENT : Piezoelectric and Earth Lightning Volcano Effects *
  • Dionisio Formoso
RQuanTech Sarl

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Dionisio Formoso
Ariadna Consultores -Madrid
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The paper presents two newly geophysical effects from Volcano activity not yet described that aids to explain a Zero Energy occurred at Tenerife (Canary Islands) on September 29, 2019 . This day at 13 hours 11 minutes 35.508 seconds an initial spiking signal was recorded at the Magnetotelluric station installed within the Teide Volcanic Caldera in Las Canadas. It is a well-exposed caldera depression in which the active \Teide-Pico Viejo” complex stands. The first spike was followed by two other signals at 13:11:36.914 and 13:11:38. The signals were getting more powerful from the first, weakest, to the last, the strongest one. Same day at 13:11:47.320 a first failure occurred in one of the power distributions bars of the Granadilla Power Plant located at 26 Km from the Magnetotelluric station followed by a second disastrous failure of the second bar at 13:11:48:406. From these signals and events, we can see a strong correlation between the second and third signals in the magnetotelluric instrument and the events that burn out the bars at the distribution centre of the power plant. We have in both cases a time difference of 1.086 seconds. In the present paper we will present an explanation of these events based on; i) a piezoelectric effect caused by a thermal instability deep in the volcano structure that generated an extremely high electrical potential that was initially recorded in the surface (point approximate in the vertical) by the magnetotelluric instruments; ii) and later on via a phenomena that we named as an Earth Lightning the knocking of the power plant’s distribution park.