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Numerical simulation of sewer sediments transport with SWMM by decoupled approach
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  • xi jin,
  • Wenyan Wu,
  • Fang Wang,
  • Xiangling Zhang
xi jin
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Wenyan Wu
Birmingham City University
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Fang Wang
Wuhan Planning and Design Institute
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Xiangling Zhang
Wuhan University of Technology
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Management of sewer solids becomes an important research due to the related hydraulic and environmental problems caused by sediment deposition and flushing. Plenty of researches have been carried out focus on water quality deterioration due to sediment erosion during rain events in certain segment of sewer conduit, but hydraulic and quality modelling of sewer network with consideration of sediment transport has not gotten enough attention. So that in scale of sewer network, sediment bed deformation and its impact to water quality caused by deposition and flushing cannot be evaluated by modelling measures. This research aims at sewer network hydraulic and quality simulation with consideration of sediment transport and proposed a novel coupling process of SWMM5 and sediment transport model (STM). With this coupling process, the sediment load concentration and hydraulic cross section deformation of conduit in the sewer network can be simulated. The proposed coupling model is tested by two study cases. The simulation results showed that this coupling model can give stable and logical simulation results. Sediment flushing and deposition cycle and its impacts to load concentration and hydraulic cross section deformation of conduits can be simulated. Comparisons between simulation results and observed data showed that with proposed coupling process load concentration simulation results fit the observed data better than simulation results without coupling process.