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Large-eddy simulation of idealized hurricanes at different sea surface temperatures
  • Hehe Ren,
  • Jimy Dudhia,
  • Hui Li
Hehe Ren
Harbin Institute of Technology

Corresponding Author:[email protected]

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Jimy Dudhia
National Center for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)
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Hui Li
Harbin Institute of Technology
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Idealized hurricanes are studied at four different sea surface temperatures (ssts) of 26°, 27°, 28°, and 29°C in six nested domains down to 62 m grid size. For the maximum and the distribution of wind speed, domain D6 (62 m) is similar to domain D5 (185 m) showing convergence near 200 m. For sst of 26°, domain 5 does not have small-scale turbulence structures like the other three cases, which is an extension of the previous work of [2009] who only obtained resolved gusts at 62 m. The distribution function of speed changes between the 27° and 28° cases, the latter one having a second peak, related to a structural change. Finally, it is suggested that the damage potential is not simply determined by the maximum wind speed because of the distribution change so a new damage indicator that represents potential damage is proposed.
Sep 2020Published in Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems volume 12 issue 9. 10.1029/2020MS002057